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Submit your Apology to “An Open Apology”

My insanely talented friend, comedy writer, author and actor, Stirling Gardner has launched a website, An Open Apology for his forthcoming book, “An Open Apology To All My Ex-Girlfriends: Volume 1”

Submit your apology anonymously or otherwise right here.

Follow An Open Apology on Twitter and Facebook.

Reblog, repost, share, please. Grazie, beautiful babies

Exquisite Corpse

I’ve had an ongoing love affair for Exquisite Corpse for years. Spearheaded by one of my favorite authors, Andrei Codrescu, The Corpse is one of the most fascinating, intriguing, exquisitely written sites online that challenges and pushes the boundaries of lit, in my humble opinion, which means nothing, of course. (Katie, would it kill you to have an ounce of self-esteem? It might, so I deflect and diffuse, and I’m not even a shrink tale.)

If you haven’t read Andrei’s work, I beg you to run like a dawg to buy his books. The man is a genius, full stop.

When The Corpse added THE PENIS FILES, I screamed. Who wouldn’t?! Thank you, Andrei and EC, and for all of the outstanding, mind-bending literature you publish.

What is this new comedy series, You’re Thinking of Someone Else all about?

A semi-autobiographical comedy about things women would never admit to. If asked, they’d deny it and say… you’re thinking of someone else.


YTOSE is a show about smart, funny women with a strong point of view and being empowered by the choices they’ve made, even if those choices aren’t necessarily things they have discussed. Regardless, they’re addressing them in a new comedy series, YTOSE. The majority of our sketches represent a secret or a semi-autobiographical story, or a fantasy. With unwavering confidence, grace and humor, actresses, comedians and writers are spinning their yarns.


In the end, women always win. Following the theme of the show, a runner ties the series together by opening each episode with an admission of something she would NEVER do. Additionally, male co-stars are highlighted as equally smart, talented, funny and bad ass.


I (Katie Schwartz) created YTOSE for many reasons; women are amazing and so are men. I’d like to see more complex, empowered, funny female leads. I also wanted to create a collective of brilliant established and burgeoning women and men in comedy with something to say. My hope is that YTOSE is a vehicle for many voices to come together and make people laugh by sharing their points of view.


Yes. We’re debuting with 13 episodes. We hope to be in production by fall at the latest with another 15 for season two. We just launched on Tuesday, May 29th, on KoldCast.TV

Check out episode one, LEGS, starring, Melinda Hill, Gary Shapiro, Stirling Gardner, Bill Voorhees, Gregg Brown, George Ketsios and Lorin Eric Salm, directed by, Jonathan Schmock

Every Tuesday, a new episode is released, so follow us on KoldCast.TV, Twitter and Facebook

The Corpses of Children are not Peaceful

The corpses of children are not peaceful.

The ones who die of trauma before their time show it

–of illness show it

I avert my eyes but remember anyway

Precious young lives lost–

I can’t say this anywhere so I’ll say it here in a public privacy of strangers

The corpses of children are not peaceful.

Cancer at 8

Murder at 9

Murder at 2

Refusing insulin at 14

Horrible car accident at 17

The corpses of children are not peaceful.

I avert my eyes but cannot forget

The anger, the pain the battering

On their sweet innocence

The corpses of children are not peaceful.

— Anonymous

A very dear friend of mine wrote this poem and I felt compelled to share it. This left an indelible imprint.