Sprawling Creativity at the Compound


When Bubbsie was here with Nora for the Fangoria Spookesmodel Competition, I had the privilege of noshing with them at Junior’s restaurant in Westwood.

I met Bubbsie, Nora and his youngest daughter at Pilcrow Lit Fest last year. We’d been e-buds and blog buds for about a year.

After meeting the majority of the Bubbsie clan, I fell in love with them. They’re the most creative, talented family. Bubbsie not only blogs Sprawling Ramshackle Compound, he’s also a published writer at Farmhouse Magazine and 6S, to name a few. Nora is a horror make-up artist with mad skills, lemme tell ya, this broad is the horror diva of doom. Out of respect for Bubbsie’s youngest daughter’s privacy, “H”, I won’t discuss her, except to say, that she’s equally extraordinary. Though I haven’t met Miz Bubs, I am dying to meet her. I know we’d be insta-bff’s. She makes jewelry! She gave Bubbsie the most gorgeous necklace and earrings, to give to me that I am still plotzing over. See? Stunning, right? I hope she sells her jewels. I would love to buy her jewelry.

Do you believe this family?!


  1. That jewelry – wow!!

    And Junior’s… Once the valet there fucked up my bumper and denied it all the way, but I still kept going there.

    That Bubs crew rocks hard, don’t they?

  2. I know, can you believe Miz Bubs jewels?! She’s fucking amazingly talented.

    Oy, Junior’s valet’s, don’t they just suck assicles?!

    Like you, the Jewfood is the best in shlock angie, so I keep going back. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  3. Honey, one of the upsides of my recent auto accident is that the 9 year old Junior’s scratch (it was more like a fucking gash!) is now fixed!!!

    Speaking of Jewfood, have you eaten at PKD? Pico Kosher Deli? Very ortho but very delish, VERY delish.

    What about the Magic Carpet on Pico?

    Where were my food thoughts when you tweeted restaurant needs last night???

  4. Did Junior’s pay for the gash? Love that you still have the car.

    I haven’t tried PKD, but I will. Love Jewfood and haven’t found anything that great out here except Jr.s

    What’s the Magic Carpet??? Spill, honey, spill.

    Do you remember “The Magic Pan”? Are they still around?

  5. PKD is on Pico near… well, it is in a Beverlywood-ish locale. It is on the south side of Pico, I think slightly to the east of Robertson. I am old now, my memory is not so good! It is Jew-deluxe though, black hats and handwashing. But the food, oy gevalt, Jew deli paradise.

    The Magic Carpet is on Pico (if it still exists) near this Jewy supermarket, also on the south side of Pico, maybe 2 blocks (maybe more maybe less) east of Robertson. It is middle eastern delish hummous, babaganoush and all that. Fabby-licious plus. Also Jewy with hours and clientele to match, but more secular than PKD.

    Highly recommend both.

    Yours in eternal Jewdom,
    Frannylish Catholische

  6. I am running like a dawg to PKD. Some of those Hassids are hardcore hotties in their Hassidic attire. I know, I’m a freak, but I find them super sexy.

    The Magic Carpet is totally up my alley. Middle Eastern cuisine sends me.

    I’ll give you a full report after visiting both.

    Love you, my Jewlicious Frannygirl.

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