A Is For: “A Is For serves as an ally and advocate for organizations working to protect reproductive rights; we are a unifying forum utilizing social media to spotlight issues and encourage activism. A is for All of us.” Read More

ARTS: My good pal at Elf Barf introduced me to this organization, ARTS that endeavors to keep arts in education. If you can donate a few bucks and stay abreast of what they’re up to that would be magnificent!

Planned ParenthoodKeep abortion safe and legal for women of all ages, and without parental consent, period. For the love, we haven’t chipped away at Roe v. Wade, we’ve hacksawed it into semi-oblivion.

Brooklyn/Queens NOW: N/P Safeguarding reproductive rights for women. “Brooklyn-Queens NOW is a grass roots, civil rights organization dedicated to women’s rights issues.”

Freedom of Fucking SpeechWord! Recently, I was pointed in the direction of a comprehensive article about Freedom of Speech Online. The First Amendment and what it means for free speech online

Talkline Support CenterFor parents and families, homeless folks and suicidal teens, among a zillion other things this outstanding organization does on a daily 24/7 basis. From their site: “The center really offers different things for the community – you can get whatever service you need at that time; it leads to continuous care.” – Jenny Sopher, Counselor and Intern

Homelessness in AmericaUnacceptable. We’ve got big issues in our backyard. Even the man who rolls the tin can with his urine (admirable trait, really) in my alley deserves a home and a life.

Dear Thyroid: Founded by Katie Schwartz, is a thyroid literary support brand and community. Families and patients write love and hate letters to their thyroids, among other literary and visual works. Additionally, Dear Thyroid offers columns about Nutrition, Yoga, Symptoms Management, Thyroid Cancer, Living with Chronic Conditions, and, among other things, guest bloggers from the medical community.

IATFOTDI Am The Face Of Thyroid Disease, Thyroid Awareness Month video campaign created by Mary Shomon and Katie Schwartz

Coalition for Better Thyroid Care: Founded by Mary Shomon, The Coalition for Better Thyroid Care is designed “to promote awareness of, practitioner understanding of, insurance/HMO coverage, and continuing legality of the full range of thyroid tests and treatment options.”

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