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San V, Romneggedon

In this vignette of Romneggedon, the divine comedienne, Miss Kira Soltonavich (we LOVE her work) is playing, San V. The year is 2014 and because of San V’s amazing fertility, Romney surgically implanted several wombs and ovaries, so her body can be handled by the US Cabinet

Our lady parts depend on Obama winning the election Tuesday, they really do. Romney is dangerous. While Romneggedon seems fantastical and impossible, again, I ask, what if we’re wrong? Is it a risk that we’re willing to take?

Via the League of Women’s Voters, find out where you go to vote. For the democratic ballot, click here.

Clippy, Romneggedon

Becky Thyre is a comedy writer, actress and improv goddess! She played, Clippy, the Zip Lead Medic for the Womb Warrior’s Resistance.

Her job was to remove leashes from women’s vaginal canals after escaping from Guam Useless Womb Penitentiary and Allocation Locations.

What Becky did with this character is nothing short of genius and hilarious.