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Run like a dawg and buy the new issue of The American Bystander

via the great Michael Gerber, Issue #4 of is all-star print humor magazine The American Bystander is now on Kickstarter. Watch this hilarious video you can’t embed the video or I would have.

Featuring: Roz Chast, Jack Handey, Merrill Markoe — 65 contributors in all. The Kickstarter video is HILARIOUS. Non-US readers: sorry about Trump.

Also, there’s a PDF version for $5.

Please grab a few copies and share it with your pals. The work featured in Bystander is brilliant, witty and vital to survival.

Recent Work for 2017

recent work 2017 political essays, humor essays by katie schwartzRecent work includes a lot of political essays at Mock Paper Scissors and Huffington Post. Recent humor essays can be found via The American Bystander, a quarterly print magazine that every comedy nerd should buy ASAPY.

Mock Paper Scissors/Huffington Post

The American Bystander

I’m in pre-production on comedy shorts and pilots. I will spill as these projects evolve.

The American Bystander… You’re Welcome

Michael Gerber‘s quarterly print humor magazine, The American Bystander features sumptuous tales by comedy writers and gorgeous and subversive illustrations by artists. Every page is illustrated and written to perfection.
This week, Bystander has been covered by Newsweek Last month, The New York Times
They’re just above the halfway mark, fundraising for the latest installations. Please donate a few bucks and share with your friends.
I very much appreciate it. You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this magazine if you haven’t read it yet. Get on it, chickadees.

Season Finale, Law of the Land… Dead or Alive

The season finale of LAW OF THE LAND is here! Did they save the Hatchet Body Spray Factory? Did Tom Sibley teach Baron Vaughn the art of modeling?

Working with such outstanding comedians was an unbelievable gift. Their talent and expertise shines like the stars they are!

  1. Ron Lynch
  2. Matt Kirshen
  3. Samm Levine
  4. Chris Walsh
  5. Brendon Small
  6. Baron Vaughn
  7. Phil LaMarr
  8. James Urbaniak
  9. Matt Besser
  10. Tom Sibley
  11. Matt Kaye
  12. Doug Mellard