Katie Schwartz is a comedy writer, producer, essayist and satirist, among other writerly things. A vintage tchoch collecting, novice knitting feminist and activist, condensing Schwartz’s POV into a few blurbs requires a level of self-esteem that Schwartz lacks. That said she’s a duality. Does that help?

Katie’s recent work can be seen in The American Bystander, Boing Boing and Extra Newsfeed.

Her latest web-series, a Homeland spoof comedy that she co-created and co-wrote was executive produced by FKR.TV and is also being distributed on and made the homepage of

Katie is a weekly contributor at Monkeybicycle Literary Goodness, where she opines or whines? about being a magnet for the surreal. Katie’s column, I Don’t Drink Nearly As Much As I Should, a memoir-ish account of her ongoing grand debacles can be found on the HuffingtonPost. Schwartz also writes for Heeb Magazine.

Schwartz produced and directed, the short film, THE PENIS FILES, which debuted on A Is For (an organization near and dear to her heart), Queerty, Fark and Mock Paper Scissors, in addition to others.

Katie’s micro-political series, ROMNEGGEDON made its way to another fave, Bitch Magazine.

Schwartz created the original comedy series, YOU’RE THINKING OF SOMEONE ELSE (YTOSE), a semi-autobiographical comedy about things many women would rather not admit to. YTOSE can be seen on,,, and Schwartz’s YouTube Channel.

Her work has been featured in Exquisite Corpse, Lip Magazine, Zouch Magazine, Mock Paper Scissors, Ostrich Ink and Monkeybicycle, Dirty Humor Issue #5, to name a few.

You can read her previous daily rants about life, love or lack thereof and social commentary right here or at her former blog, All the Way from Oy to Vey.

As an aside, the song “As Time Goes By,” it creeps her out, seriously, don’t send her the song.

Katie began writing performing stand-up comedy, which is ironic considering her acute stage fright.  She performed at Stand Up New York, New York Comedy Club, Boston Comedy Club, The Comedy Store and several other clubs that were kind enough to allow her to vomit all things neurotic.

Many of her essays have debuted at Comedy Central’s Sit-n-Spin Writer’s Series (and she is so very grateful for that). Katie was also a proud participant in Hollywood Hell House.

Can we be done with third person yet? Almost. Last paragraph.

Schwartz is the Founder of Dear Thyroid™, a literary support community. Patients with thyroid cancers and thyroid diseases write love and hate letters to their thyroids, among other literary works. Additionally, Dear Thyroid™ features ongoing columns by some of the finest and funniest writers, as well as medical professionals who guest blog about hormones, health, nutrition, fitness and everything in between.

Schwartz also co-founded Say Cancer™ with Joanna Isbill and, I Am The Face of Thyroid Disease™ with Mary Shomom