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The Most Intentionally Funny Videos of 2013: The NerdistFKR.TV presents Law of The Land, the version of Homeland I wanted to watch.”

The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week: 9/10/13: The NerdistLaw of the
Land on FKR.TV continues to be an awesome parody of Homeland, even if you haven’t seen an episode of either show.” — The Nerdist

Grand Prize Winner, “Can your work be re-imagined for television,” NexTV

The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos this Week: 8/20/13 The Nerdist

Keeping It Real: 13 Great TV Comedies Inspired by Actual Events

A Is For: The Penis Files

Mock Paper Scissors: Good dish on The Penis Files

Fark: The comments are too much (The Penis Files)

Queerty: Write up about The Penis Files

Rock The Slut Vote: Fantastic, absurdest call to action and showcase The Penis Files

Glass Halfmindful: Review about The Penis Files, Feminism and Schwartz’s work

FunnyOrDie: Donuts makes it to the homepage 7/14, 7/15

LaughSpin: Review about “You’re Thinking of Someone Else,” semi-autobiographical comedy series about women

Review: Essays collection written by, Katie Schwartz “Emotionally Pantsed“, by Jonuel Pozo

Review: Essays collection written by, Katie Schwartz “Emotionally Pantsed“, by
Mike Dell’Aquila (Farmhouse Magazine)

Interview: Katie Schwartz / “Emotionally Pantsed”, by Mike Dell’Aquila (Farmhouse Magazine)

MentionToddWeissCFA, a very menschy bloke, wrote a wonderful piece about all kinds of Tweeters “Always Spreading Good Energy“. You must read it and get to know all of the Twittalicious folks he wrote about. Todd generously included dish about me, my writing, and Dear Thyroid – Thank you, Todd.

MentionGutter Park has turned my avatar into a fabulous work of art. I’m so aaaanaaared. His work is incredible and he has lot of original work for sale. Check it out, yo.

Mention: Crooks and Liars “Katie Schwartz saves nine by giving us a stitch in time. Or something.”  by Tengrain, writer, blogger (Mock, Paper, Scissors) and fabulous fellah.

Sobriety Never Pays Funny or Die “Most Favorited Videos of the Week!

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