Top 5 Things We LOVE About Sarah Palin


  1. Palin is comedic gold. No platinum.
  2. Palin’s stupidity is so epic, she makes G’Bush Joon appear as if he’s got an 1/8 of a brain.
  3. Palin’s children’s names are as nonsensical as her performances: Track (and field), Bristol (in the UK, which I highly doubt Palin knows the whereabouts of), Willow (tree), (pied) Piper, Trig (onometry)
  4. Speaking of Trig, I am convinced he is the love child of Sarah, Bristol and O’Reilly.
  5. I see a new iPhone app – Flinging Midgets at animated Sarah Palin’s being a HUGE success.


  1. Alma

    shame on you whoever put this online

  2. Katie Schwartz

    The beauty of free speech. I get to post what I want and you get to say how much you hate it.

  3. Scott

    You are a disgusting, irreverent and disrespectful HEEB PIG Schwartz

  4. 50 Year Alaskan

    Finally someone got it right!!! Awsome portrate of the “Dip Stick with the Lip Stick” what an Opportunistic Whore!!!

  5. Katie Schwartz

    YES, YES, YES “Dip stick with the lip stick.” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT.

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