Southern California Voters, Have You Considered Voting For Shawn Stern

Though Facebook can be irky irksome and his twin sister irkarella, we remain addicted to it, just like Twitter. Right? Right.

Because we’re not all new, we know there’s an election right around the corner. Shawn Stern is running for congress in:

  1. Casmalia
  2. Camarillo
  3. Fillmore
  4. Lompoc Valley Los Alamos
  5. Newbury Park
  6. Oak Park
  7. Ojai Orcutt
  8. Piru
  9. Santa Paula
  10. Santa Ynez Valley Simi Valley
  11. Thousand Oaks
  12. Ventura
  13. Un-Incorporated Santa Maria

Shawn left a note on my wall regarding his campaign, so, of course I emailed him with a list of questions – if he wanted my vote, I needed to ask about things that were important to me. And, so I did. He emailed me back. Now, that’s awesome. How many politicians do you know that send you canned responses versus a hand written response? More importantly, I appreciated his answers – they seemed on the level (love that vinty expression).

This was our dish session:

Hi Shawn;

Thanks for your time. You emailed me along with a few other folks regarding recommending you to our friends. I’d consider doing that. I just have a few questions.

I read your website, and I’m not 100% clear on your political position, perhaps you can lend some clarity? Thanks so much.

1) Are you a democrat or a republican?
2) What is your posture on Gay Marriage
3) What is your posture on Freedom of Speech
4) What is your posture on Censorship?
5) What is your posture on Stem Cell Research?
6) What is your posture on a woman’s right to choice?

Thank you so much,

This is what Shawn Emailed me back:

Shawn Stern May 14 at 4:40pm

Hi Katie,
Thank you for the questions. I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

1) I am a Democrat
2) I believe EVERYONE has the right to be married
3) ALL of our Constitutional rights must be protected. I don’t believe in cherry picking them.
4) Parents should be the censors
5) Stem Cell research will save many lives. I believe scientific progress should be encouraged not hindered.
6) I believe individuals have the FINAL word on what happens to our own bodies. Again, I don’t cherry pick the Constitution.

Hopes this helps, and please tell anyone and everyone you can about the campaign. Without the fundraising I need all of the word of mouth in the next 20 days I can get. So far I am leading at the polls so I guess people really do want someone in congress fighting for them NOT special interest groups and lobbyists.

Please feel free to ask me more questions @

Shawn Stern
Democratic Candidate

CA’s 24th Congressional District


Personally, I LOVED his answers. I live in Los Angeles. I’d love to vote for him. How about you? If you’re a Southern California Poli Blogger, consider blogging about this bloke – Check him out – Hit his websites – Follow him on Facebook. I think he might very well be the real deal. We sure could use as much of that in government as possible @JustAin’tRight and @ MockPaperScissors, check him out too, please.


  1. holly gimbel

    I support the environmental candidate in the race: Tim Allison. He is endorsed by just about everyone paying attention to the race including the Sierra Club, CA League of Conservation Voters, the Ca Democratic Party and the CA Teacher’s Association. CK him out at http://www.TimAllison.com.

  2. Katie, thanks SO much for introducing me to this very lovely candidate! He sounds wonderful. More later after I do my homework. Ta, lovely lady!

  3. katie

    Hi Holly;

    Thanks for sharing your two cents. I, of course, appreciate the eco-concerns in a big way. To find out more about Shawn Stern’s posture on the environment, check out this link: http://shawnstern.com/issues/energy-environment/



  4. katie


    Yes, of course! I’m dying to see your opinion and thoughts on the matter. Let me know if you blog it, and I’ll check it out/tweet it.

    We need solid, decisive liberals in gov’t – as many goodies as we can get.

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