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My latest political satire that I’m shooting today, 10/12 and 10/13 with some of my favorite comediennes.

ROMNEGGEDON (WGA #1610817) —a post apocalyptic world where Romney’s been voted into office and waged vaginal warfare on women

In this world, there is no birth control. Condoms are a black market item. IUDs have been hijacked from women’s wombs by The Wombadors. All forms of The Pill have been confiscated and shipped to China who paid top dollar for the US’s inventory. Women who can’t reproduce are stationed in scientific labs in Guam and used as lab rats to better understand why their wombs don’t work. If any birth control is purchased abroad and brought back to the US via flight or post, women are sentenced to life without parole. Even if a woman is in a relationship, regardless of religion, she’s indoctrinated into Christianity and her womb is assigned to a white, single Christian male. To ensure others know that her womb is spoken for, she’s given a canine zip lead (leash) that’s sewn inside her vaginal canal. Emblazoned on the end of the leash in bold letters is the owner’s name. Sex has been abolished. Romney has come up with a plan for sexless procreation, ROMNEGGEDON. By exporting sperm gently from a handler and sticking a long, painful needle inside a woman’s ovary to extract eggs, they can insert both inside her womb through a new trans-vaginal wand that opens her cervix and explodes inside her womb. With a 70% pregnancy rate, America’s population has increased by 30% in the past 24-months.

Women who escape the new regime have formed an underground resistance, Womb Warriors with some male businessmen, senators and congressmen who support their cause to free women from slavery and take back control of their wombs.

While in seclusion, they undergo enormous challenges. Pregnant women have to pose as Amish women to evacuate their wombs using butter churners or water pumps. Women who have sex with straggler men use Snickers wrappers as condoms. If a woman escapes from her handler, she has 12 hours to make it to a safe house and have her leash removed; otherwise she’s tracked down and sent to prison, in addition to jeopardizing the safety of the resistance’s locations. Women’s health has been eradicated completely. OB’s are only used to legally impregnate a woman and throughout her pregnancy. If a woman is inadvertently diagnosed with a “Female” cancer or infection, she’s sent to Guam without treatment, otherwise if she has an STD, she’s imprisoned without treatment.


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