LAW OF THE LAND is (co-creator/writer), Schwartz’s new show, a Homeland spoof comedy series debuting on FKR.TV in August 2013.

Wherever there isn’t a terrorist threat, in a country unknown for terrorism, you’ll find our principal character schtupping terror-ishsts, to keep America safe.

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Meet the cast

  1. Ali MacLean
  2. Ron Lynch
  3. Matt Kirshen
  4. Samm Levine
  5. Chris Walsh
  6. Brendon Small
  7. Baron Vaughn
  8. Phil LaMarr
  9. James Urbaniak
  10. Matt Besser
  11. Tom Sibley
  12. Matt Kaye
  13. Doug Mellard

Meet the director, David Avallone

Meet the crew

  1. Executive Producer, Syd Butler
  2. Executive Producers, FKR.TV
  3. Produced by, Aren’t We Clever
  4. Co-Producer, Brad Lavery
  5. Co-Producer, Katie Schwartz
  6. Co-Producer, Ali MacLean
  7. Director of Photography, Zac Eubank
  8. Assistant Director/Unit Production Manager, Becca Scott
  9. Production Designer, Adrienne Garcia
  10. On-Location Audio, David Schattanoff, Jr.
  11. Post Audio, Alex Niedt
  12. Camera Operators, Seth Iliff, Chris Phelps & Jeanna Kim
  13. 1st Assistant Camera, Jeanna Kim
  14. 2nd Assistant Camera, Kong Feng
  15. Assistant Production Designer, Spencer Morrissey
  16. Production Assistants, Ben Grimes, Jordan Olds, Gary Suderman
  17. Special Thanks: David Cross, Syd Butler, Amy Rachlin, Dylan Ousley and Chris Naab

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