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Sprawling Creativity at the Compound


When Bubbsie was here with Nora for the Fangoria Spookesmodel Competition, I had the privilege of noshing with them at Junior’s restaurant in Westwood.

I met Bubbsie, Nora and his youngest daughter at Pilcrow Lit Fest last year. We’d been e-buds and blog buds for about a year.

After meeting the majority of the Bubbsie clan, I fell in love with them. They’re the most creative, talented family. Bubbsie not only blogs Sprawling Ramshackle Compound, he’s also a published writer at Farmhouse Magazine and 6S, to name a few. Nora is a horror make-up artist with mad skills, lemme tell ya, this broad is the horror diva of doom. Out of respect for Bubbsie’s youngest daughter’s privacy, “H”, I won’t discuss her, except to say, that she’s equally extraordinary. Though I haven’t met Miz Bubs, I am dying to meet her. I know we’d be insta-bff’s. She makes jewelry! She gave Bubbsie the most gorgeous necklace and earrings, to give to me that I am still plotzing over. See? Stunning, right? I hope she sells her jewels. I would love to buy her jewelry.

Do you believe this family?!