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San V, Romneggedon

In this vignette of Romneggedon, the divine comedienne, Miss Kira Soltonavich (we LOVE her work) is playing, San V. The year is 2014 and because of San V’s amazing fertility, Romney surgically implanted several wombs and ovaries, so her body can be handled by the US Cabinet

Our lady parts depend on Obama winning the election Tuesday, they really do. Romney is dangerous. While Romneggedon seems fantastical and impossible, again, I ask, what if we’re wrong? Is it a risk that we’re willing to take?

Via the League of Women’s Voters, find out where you go to vote. For the democratic ballot, click here.

Puckers, Romneggedon

The lovely and talented, Katya Lidsky played, Puckers, an Extraction Team Leader for the Womb Warrior’s Resistance.

I know that the concept of a Romneggedon seems impossible, especially in America. What if we’re wrong? It’s almost 2013, dictators and genocide is very much a reality in the world. Are we so unwavering in confidence that Romney could NEVER turn a democracy that already crosses too many religious boundaries into a singular religious dictatorship?

As a Jew, I was raised to “Never forget” what Hitler and the Nazi’s did. Part of never forgetting is anticipating implausible possibilities, not conspiracy theories, at least not for me.

Sadly, I worry about degrees of a Romneggedon in the hands of Romney.

I’m proudly voting for Obama. I hope that you do, too.

Clippy, Romneggedon

Becky Thyre is a comedy writer, actress and improv goddess! She played, Clippy, the Zip Lead Medic for the Womb Warrior’s Resistance.

Her job was to remove leashes from women’s vaginal canals after escaping from Guam Useless Womb Penitentiary and Allocation Locations.

What Becky did with this character is nothing short of genius and hilarious.

Romneggedon, Flexi, Vignette 4

Ali MacLean played Flexi in ROMNEGGEDON. She was nothing short of brilliant and hysterical. Her spin on this character was exquisitely twisted.

In this post-apocalyptic world where Romney’s been voted into office, women are on the run, they’re in hiding and they’re fighting for their lives and freedom. A woman’s worth is defined by the quality of her womb and ovaries ability to reproduce. A working womb gets the privilege of participating in Reproductive Line-ups for white Christian male handler’s to choose. Useless wombs are sent to Guam Useless Womb Penitentiary after undergoing lab experiments to find out why her womb is useless.

With comments such as the ones below regarding reproductive rights, I wonder if ROMNEGGEDON could sadly come to fruition in the hands of Romney…

I think the feminist pro-choice movement has it all wrong: Mitt Romney and other pro-lifers are actually fighting FOR women’s lives. If the static is true that more females than males are being born, the pro-lifers are actually trying to protect the lives of future women. Aside from cases of rape, a woman exercises control over her body whenever she decides whether or not to have unprotected intercourse.

Katie, I respectfully submit to you that I think the feminist movement should be at the forefront of the defense of otherwise defenseless females. The “sexual playing field” will never be level as long as women can get pregnant but men can’t. Romney is committed to protecting the lives of females still in their mothers’ wombs. Somebody has to protect these future women; the Democratic party won’t.

Katie, I am not a Republican. I consider myself a moderate. No one is taken women to some institution and impregnating them. What you continue to resist is the idea that if you are pregnant, the woman in your womb (assuming your embryo is female) has the same right to life that you do. Not to be insensitive, but I’m glad for your sake your Mom chose to have you. You are a valuable being, worthy of respect. So is that child waiting to be born. With all the advances in birth control, abortion should not be necessary.


Romneggedon, Mish, Vignette 3

Check out the magnificent and talented, Julie Goldman playing, MISH – Freedom Fighter for the Womb Warrior Resistance

If we don’t vote for Obama, Romney will wage vaginal warfare on women. Women will no longer be able to get safe and legal abortions. Women will not be allowed to use birth control. Women will not get adequate, quality healthcare.

Should we allow ourselves to think that Romney won’t institute these change? Growing up, one of my biggest life lessons was “Never forget” regarding Hitler.

While charismatic, Romney has never told a single truth, not once. If we elect him into office, we are giving a dangerous man too much power; power over the Supreme Court, power over women’s bodies, over our international and domestic policies and more.