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New Column at Heeb Magazine

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Hilarious and wicked smart, Rafi Schwartz, Managing Editor at Heeb Magazine had a brilliant idea for a new column, “Is it Jewish?” Products are reviewed to unearth what religion their assignment is.

Schwartz gifted me with the opportunity to bring the column to life. The first installation can be found here. Every two weeks, a new column will be posted.

NEW installation of “Is It Jewish,” where I review Palmolive, iPhones and Peel and Seal Envelopes and determine if they’re Jewish or not. Was I right? You be the judge.

NEW installation of “Is It Jewish,” where I review the ever important Beanie Babies, the Collected Works of Beethoven and Blow-up sex dolls.


San V, Romneggedon

In this vignette of Romneggedon, the divine comedienne, Miss Kira Soltonavich (we LOVE her work) is playing, San V. The year is 2014 and because of San V’s amazing fertility, Romney surgically implanted several wombs and ovaries, so her body can be handled by the US Cabinet

Our lady parts depend on Obama winning the election Tuesday, they really do. Romney is dangerous. While Romneggedon seems fantastical and impossible, again, I ask, what if we’re wrong? Is it a risk that we’re willing to take?

Via the League of Women’s Voters, find out where you go to vote. For the democratic ballot, click here.

Puckers, Romneggedon

The lovely and talented, Katya Lidsky played, Puckers, an Extraction Team Leader for the Womb Warrior’s Resistance.

I know that the concept of a Romneggedon seems impossible, especially in America. What if we’re wrong? It’s almost 2013, dictators and genocide is very much a reality in the world. Are we so unwavering in confidence that Romney could NEVER turn a democracy that already crosses too many religious boundaries into a singular religious dictatorship?

As a Jew, I was raised to “Never forget” what Hitler and the Nazi’s did. Part of never forgetting is anticipating implausible possibilities, not conspiracy theories, at least not for me.

Sadly, I worry about degrees of a Romneggedon in the hands of Romney.

I’m proudly voting for Obama. I hope that you do, too.

Romneggedon, Shoot Day Two

As with THE PENIS FILES, I was gifted with the opportunity to work with some of my comedy mentors and heroes in ROMNEGGEDON. The comediennes, actresses and comedy writers who participated were comprised of women I aspired to work with. These divine dames don’t even have to say anything to be funny. Humor effortlessly oozed out of their pores.

One of the greatest moments for me was how our voices blended and each woman’s interpretation of their character in this world. It wasn’t even close to what I expected. Nope, it was a gazillion times better.

Please subscribe to my channel because we begin releasing the ROMNEGGEDON mini-series the week of 10/15.


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