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“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work… I want to achieve it through not dying.” — Woody Allen

Deathy jokes are the norm in my family: “One foot on the peel.” “S/he’s tagged and bagged; does s/he really need a box, too?” “Go into the light;  it’s free.” “Who dies on a Wednesday?” “I really didn’t want to be fat to your funeral.” “With all of the suicide options on the table, why overdose? It’s so passé.” And, of course, when it comes to Shiva, aching laughter through tears is customary.

Deathversation wasn’t at the top of my list this weekend. But, here it is. Sudden. Unexpected. DEVESTATING.

COOKIES! Thank you for the privilege of knowing you, laughing with you and learning from you. Thank you for making me a better person and writer. Thank you for mentoring me.

Thank you for being extraordinary.

You shouldn’t have died. You weren’t ready; none of us were.

Riposarsi nella pace; know that you were loved and appreciated.



PS: If you feel like throwing me a sign; I’m all lady balls and ears.

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First, I’ve migrated all of links from All The Way From Oy To Vey. If I’ve missed anyone, TELL ME, I promise you it was an oversight. You know how fucktarded I can be. Don’t be shy. I want all of you with me. Would you please redirect your links right here? I know it’s a pain in the ass. I super appreciate it.

Dear Thyroid Dish… So exciting. This week we announced the launch of our first Dear Thyroid Annual Anthology. Beginning in 2010 and every year thereafter, our “Best of Letters” from within each category we accept letters from, will be available in print. Other big news, Mary Shomon Passionate Thyroid Patient Advocate and  Best-Selling Author of numerous Thyroid books, Founder of Thyroid Info, Unbiased News and Support, and one hell of a glandalicious dame is interviewing Dear Thyroid on

Three Dames With A Clue announced our June show, which kicks fuckin’ ass “Women’s Expression of Sex and Sexuality“. The shit that’s going down at this shindig is going to be fierce.

This week, the shame, I got three pics of a naked peenyboy in my inbox meant for, of course, another Katiegirl surprised?! . Anyhoodle, the email was clearly an exchange he’d been having with another Katiegirl. I email him back and tell him I wasn’t the “Katie” this email was meant for. He decides to e-stalk me back. Wanna know what he said?

You sound very interesting!!  Maybe I can get some pics from u?!!  I also have more where those came from.  I am actually communicating with a couple of women on Ashley, a place to have affairs.  Interested?  Wouldn’t that be funny if an incorrect email led to something great?  Well probably not.  Besides, your probably no where near Columbus, Ohio.

Why yes, nothing screams hot, must have you, like married cheating cock. Dipshit.

Our Joe is fast becoming a famous author. He’s writing for Chicago Now, his column is called Arresting Tales.

Our Utah Savage is going through a rather horrific situation and needs all the love and support we have to give. While you’re clicking through cyberspace, send some love and good wishes to a dame near and dear to my heart. She blogs Telling Secrets.

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