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Law of the Land Exclusive Trailer

Check out the review for Law of the Land, a Homeland spoof comedy series debuting this Thursday, 8/15 on FKR.TV, David Cross’ and Syd Butler’s latest web-venture. Thank you, LaughSpin and Dylan for such a great review. Be sure to subscribe to FKR.TV to check out forthcoming episodes of LOTL and to see watch their hilarious crop of new comedies.

Are you a Fan of Homeland?

fkrtvDebuting this month, exclusively on FKR.TV, LAW OF THE LAND, a Homeland spoof comedy series, starring some of our favorite comedians (see list below).

To keep America safe, Our principal character will do ANYTHING to stop unknown terrorists from countries unrenowned for terrorism.

For the love of comedy and Homeland, send me a video clip of you parodying your favorite character. We’ll post it here and here!

  1. Ali MacLean
  2. Ron Lynch
  3. Matt Kirshen
  4. Samm Levine
  5. Chris Walsh
  6. Brendon Small
  7. Baron Vaughn
  8. Phil LaMarr
  9. James Urbaniak
  10. Matt Besser
  11. Tom Sibley
  12. Matt Kaye
  13. Doug Mellard