Voting Information

Business Insider has a “Polls Ticker” at the top of their site. Found courtesy of Rock the Slut Vote!

From Evan Shapiro, Sorry that this is necessary, BUT:  Have the voter protection ph# on hand: @866OURVOTE – 866-OUR-VOTE and 866-687-8683. As Evan said ” it’s 911 for GOP states. Funny how it’s just those states where it’s needed, huh?”

Do you know where to vote? Click this link, please.

Great political post about where to vote, voter fraud and contacts for questions about voting.

MORE UPDATES from an FB friend

help your neighbors vote today: if you find someone confused about where and how to vote, help them out. it’s going to be a chaotic day for voters and poll workers, use that Smartphone you’ve been able to power all week!




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