New Political Satire Shooting This Weekend

I am over the moon and equally excited about this next political mini-series debuting next week. We’ve been in pre-production all week. This Friday and Saturday, we are working with the most outstanding, extraordinary and inspiring comediennes. To work with them is such an honor.

The stars of (TBA)

  1. Becky Thyre
  2. Ali MacLean
  3. Kelly Carlin
  4. Katya Lidsky
  5. Sascha Alexander
  6. Annabelle Gurwitch
  7. Kira Soltanovich
  8. Julie Goldman

I’m working with the greatest crew evah, David Schattanoff Jr., Austin Smoak and Meredith Young! We are going to have a ball.

Pictures coming this weekend. Next week, a new mini-political series! Yahoo.

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