First Day on the set of ROMNEGGEDON

Of late, as you know, because you’ve seen THE PENIS FILES, I’m obsessed with this election and terrified of Romney winning. The man cannot win. Though I’ve never been a republican, I know enough to say without question that Romney is NO republican. Rather, he’s a right wing, crazy Christian zealot. You undecided voters out there, if you love women, if you respect women, you wouldn’t even consider voting for Romney.

After THE PENIS FILES, the obsession continued and I created a new world, ROMNEGGEDON and shared it with women I couldn’t admire, adore or respect more, comediennes that I’ve always dreamed of working with.

Today, we got to shoot with the lovely and talented, Ali MacLean and the subversive and sweet, Becky Thyre. All hands were on deck, Austin Smoak DP/Producer, Meredith Young Editor/Producer & David Schatanoff Jr Sound/Producer, and it was fantastic. We barely kept it together. Note to self, Katie, when directing, you can’t say “Cut” to laugh.

Pics from the set of ROMNEGGEDON – Day One

Ali MacLean is fierce, period!

One of the things I love most about Becky’s work is how unexpected and genius her performances are. Watching her work is awesome.

Just wrapped with Becky and now we’re about to shoot Ali. Austin, David, Meredith and me are having a laugh.


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