Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Please

First, a huge thank you to everyone for sharing “The Penis Files” and watching it! We’ve hit over 16,000 views so far.

I’ve also added lots of short comedies and webisodes from “You’re Thinking of Someone Else.”

You know me, asking for things isn’t my area of expertise, but I have to, so I will. Please subscribe to my channel.

I just added two new short comedies, Legs and Sobriety Never Pays. You must check out two new episodes of Shrink Tales, Semantics and Good Vibes. In October, I have more political satires coming out – a mega short series and some extra special shorts.

Subscribe now, please. Ga’head, do it for me.

Now, I feel guilty for asking. How can I repay you for your kindness? Ask and you shall receive. DON’T GET CRAZY. I ain’t a rich lady.

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