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The American Bystander… You’re Welcome

Michael Gerber‘s quarterly print humor magazine, The American Bystander features sumptuous tales by comedy writers and gorgeous and subversive illustrations by artists. Every page is illustrated and written to perfection.
This week, Bystander has been covered by Newsweek http://bit.ly/2dsIzJ5. Last month, The New York Times http://nyti.ms/2e6otDv.
They’re just above the halfway mark, fundraising for the latest installations. Please donate a few bucks and share with your friends.
I very much appreciate it. You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this magazine if you haven’t read it yet. http://kck.st/2d1tg80. Get on it, chickadees.

Submit your Apology to “An Open Apology”

My insanely talented friend, comedy writer, author and actor, Stirling Gardner has launched a website, An Open Apology for his forthcoming book, “An Open Apology To All My Ex-Girlfriends: Volume 1”

Submit your apology anonymously or otherwise right here.

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Reblog, repost, share, please. Grazie, beautiful babies