Prove It! The brilliant and talented Tess Raferty  – in the most logical and eloquent way asks Trump voters to prove why they aren’t racist, xenophobic, racist misogynists. Please watch and share. Prove It from Steve Cohen on Vimeo.


My colleague, Maureen Herman and I wrote an article titled, “If Trump Has A Personality Disorder It May Be The ‘What’ In The Collective ‘WTF?’” Through personal narrative and extensive research about narcissism, we wrote about the real possibility of Trump having Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how that can become weaponized if inaugurated as president.


We can still #StopTrump! It’s not too late. 132,890 needed to reach 4,500,000 petitioning Electoral College to make Hillary Clinton president. She won the popular vote by a landslide. Please sign and share. #FightBack #FightTrump Our voices are more important than ever RIGHT NOW. We need to continue #ProtestingTrump and making sure that we’re


Michael Gerber‘s quarterly print humor magazine, The American Bystander features sumptuous tales by comedy writers and gorgeous and subversive illustrations by artists. Every page is illustrated and written to perfection. This week, Bystander has been covered by Newsweek Last month, The New York Times They’re just above the halfway mark, fundraising for the